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Jess Preston

Friendly and effective client lead public speaking and confidence coach.






I am a public speaking and confidence coach, committed to helping you achieve your communication goals. My approach is client led and I firmly believe in working collaboratively. If you work with me you will receive a tailor-made plan comprised of sessions that can fit around your life.

My background - 

A little background about me. I have coached individuals from a wide range of industries and with varied experience, from senior leaders to new starters. As well as running 1:1 Zoom coaching I also run workshops for businesses and have helped companies to communicate with impact and confidence. Find out more about my corporate coaching here.

 I am a professionally trained Actor and Singer with an MA in Acting from The Academy of Live and Recorded Arts, I am LAMDA Speech and Drama qualified, I have Grade Six Guildhall Singing qualifications and I have a Bachelor’s degree in English and Drama. I am also an experienced EFL teacher specialising in diction, accent reduction and fluency and worked with the renowned Number 16 School in Madrid coaching senior leaders.

As well as my experience in the voice and communication world I also have five years experience working in the Event’s Industry where I gained expertise in pitching, workshop facilitation, leading meetings, and stakeholder management. My experience in the corporate sector showed me that a confident voice opens doors professionally and can propel people to the top. I worked with a number of successful senior leaders from a wide range of industries including Snapchat, Nike, Facebook and Elemis and observed that what unites them all is a confident, connected and embodied voice which they can utilise to go out and ask for what they want.

My belief - 

I believe that everybody has the ability to gain this vocal confidence and this is what inspired me to set up my own coaching business. I am passionate about sharing the tools and techniques that performers learn to maximise presence, eliminate stage fright and deliver impactful messages because we all have to use our voices, not just professional speakers or actors.  I want to help you find your voice and achieve the success you deserve.

I have personal experience of what losing vocal confidence can feel like. After straining my vocal chords after strenuous performances I had to undergo vocal therapy. My voice, which I had always been totally connected with and in control of, suddenly could not do what I wanted it to. I felt disembodied, lonely and extremely anxious. With the help of an amazing Speech and Language Therapist I made a full recovery, but with a newfound appreciation of my voice – and the human voice in general. Communication is such a vital part of being a human and when there is a disconnect this can have a huge impact on our overall confidence and can hold us back. 

My methodology - 

My coaching sessions are informal and friendly with a combination of different exercises chosen to target your specific vocal issues. I firmly believe that the best way you can learn is by doing, so there will always be plenty of speaking opportunities for you where you can implement the tools we are working on in a safe, supportive environment. 


Thank you for visiting this site and I really look forward to working with you.

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