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Giving a Speech

Learn how to use your voice to get what you want 

Public speaking encompasses every time we need to use our voices to communicate something to people. This could be a presentation in front of thousands of people, a key meeting or a speech at a wedding. It could also be an important conversation with a loved one or friend. There are many people across the world that count public speaking as their biggest fear, scarier than spiders, heights and even death! I am determined to help you discover that everybody has the ability to speak in public confidently and everybody has a voice. You may feel as though those who find public speaking easy possess some kind of gift but I can assure you this is not the case. I will teach you a set of practical tools that will demystify the process and help you gain confidence. 

        If you…

-    Experience physical symptoms of fear at the thought of speaking publicly, such as shaking, dizziness,             sweating or a dry mouth.
-    Don’t like the sound of your voice and feel it lacks connection and power.
-    Struggle to communicate what it is you really want to say.
-    Need assistance with an upcoming public speaking engagement. 

Then please get in touch via phone or email now. 

         What will it cost? 

I suggest booking a one hour introductory session which allows me to identify your specific issues and gives you a chance to establish whether we are a good fit to work together. These sessions are £70. 

Subsequent sessions are priced from £70 per hour. 

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