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Public Speaker

Discover how to finely tune your voice

Everybody has a unique voice, just as we all have unique fingerprints. Our voice is our identity and I firmly believe that we should celebrate this uniqueness. The world would be a very boring place if we all sounded the same! However, if your job requires you to communicate in English and this is not your native language it can feel as though your accent can be holding you back from being understood and listened to. Often when a language is taught the focus is on vocabulary and grammar, forgetting intonation and pace. I will teach you a set of exercises and techniques that will allow you to use your native accent to communicate confidently and clearly. 

        Do you?

-    feel like people are always asking you to repeat yourself?
-    Lack confidence speaking in large groups or presentations because you worry people won’t understand you?
-    Worry that people are only focussing on your accent and not what you are saying?

Then please get in touch via phone or email now.


        What will it cost? 

I suggest booking a one hour introductory session which allows me to identify your specific issues and gives you a chance to establish whether we are a good fit to work together. These sessions are £70. 

Subsequent sessions are priced from £70 per hour. 

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